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barbaric, mystical, bored

a project i am working on for Sound and Music's New Voices program. i am investigating use of public space and reclaiming these sites for creativity and musical purposes. covid19 has put a lot of work on hold as its clearly quite difficult to be outside working in public space/encountering publics. current plans are to present the project as a performance in the early part of 2021, hopefully in a situation where we can gather in a space together! i will be documenting the project here.


  • 'Bathing Trio' is Sam Andreae, David Birchall and i. we have been working together in various ways since about 2015 and since 2017 as a trio when we toured Japan. We have released a number of recordings and have toured sporadically in Germany, Poland and a week long tour of the UK as a quartet with Toshimaru Nakamura in december 2019. currently working on internet jams documented here.
  • Yes Indeed is a project with Laurie Tompkins. We are working on a new LP with a number of collaborators hopefully finished sometime later this year.
  • Historically Fucked is an amazing rock band with Odie Ji Ghast, Belching Rag, King David and Number 83. We've released a bunch of cassettes on Heavy Petting and played on Hadrians Wall
  • other working projects