Barbaric Mystical Bored A work in progress. Exploring layers of history recorded by materials and space, embedded listening, resounding territories. At the moment a record, released by Why Eye in spring 2021, with two accompanying videos by Mio Ebisu, which carry on threads of research that I made investigating traditional medicinal practices and ideas of entanglement within nature, listening, learning and being alongside our surroundings. The videos unfold slowly and are best watched with headphones, as the music similarly unravels quietly.

I made a radio show presenting the work and some of the research that I did, which was broadcast on on the 18th February, and can be listened again below. The show also features beautiful readings of some text I wrote in Olde English by Hannah Marshall, David Birchall, Merlin Hayward, Brigitte Hart, Alex Pierce and Greta Buitkute. From April I will be presenting a regular show on, on the second Thursday of the month.

The album is a set of bootlegs of the Hoo Grain Tower, by the Thames Estuary, which has historically been a place of change and transference.I made recordings of the acoustics of the space, which I then used in a feedback system to create pieces of electronic music. These pieces where then taken back to the building and re sounded in its spaces, in a sense amplifying what is already there. Some inspiration for this was taken from the Nigel Kneale play, The Stone Tape, in which sensitives can hear recoridngs of past events that have been recorded into the walls over the years, creating a buildup of memories, sound and history. The music is released as an LP by the Why Eye label.

I have some beautiful postcards designed by Charlotte Taillet and Joel Colover which accompany the release. Please get in touch if you would like to recieve one.
The other part of this project is a website called , which was an idea of mine which has been heroically rendered into existence by Sam Andreae, who has blown my mind. The website is an archive/repository of impulse responses, or acoustic footprints of space, which can be listened to convolved as reverb with examples on the site. You can also download the reverbs to use at home. Think of it as a really lo-fi GRM sound design tool, where you too, could simulate the sound of a concrete chamber underneath a motorway! Everyone is welcome and invited to contribute to this, I wanted it to be a resource, something hopefully useful to people in ways as it continues to grow. Please get in touch if you have any questions or ideas regarding the site.

This project was made possible with support from Sound and Music's New Voices programme, and their funders, Arts Council England, PRS Fund and the RVW Trust.